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Wed, Nov. 10th, 2004, 03:03 am

Not very important questions:

Name: Ben
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Current place: Lafayette, IN
Age: 23

Interest questions:

What turntable do you use now, or what is your favorite? Stanton 80
What is your favorite record? Explain. John Coltrane - Love Supreme. It's just good. I can't explain.
Who is your favorite artist or record/CD this week? Today it's Dave Brubeck - Time Out. The time signatures explain it all.
What is your ideal first date? Show or concert, sushi or Indian food to late night walking.
What do you eat when you haven't had any food in a few days? Indian food or Hot Chinese
What's your favorite drug? If not into this, justify your ideals. LSD. It's really hard to find, so once in a long while releaves a lot of mental stress.

Tiebreaker questions:

How many records do you currently have in your residence? 125
What is the difference between an apple and an orange? Apples hurt
Come up with an original band name and the ideal genre. Perpetual Orgasm..Funk or Punk
Tell us why you deserve to be a part of us I own this community.
Name one artist you think we should add to interests Ani Difranco


First 10 records purchased. If you don't have any records, name your first 10 CDs
1. Pearl Jam - Ten
2. Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack
3. Motley Crew - Dr. Feelgood
4. Jurassic Park Soundtrack
5. Collective Soul - ...i can't remember
6. The Cranberries - the one with the couch
7. Nirvana - In Utero
8. Primus - Frizzle Fry
9. Ozzy Osborne - Blizzard of Ozz
10. Live - Throwing Copper

Five records you wish you didn't have to admit were in your collection
1. The 10 listed above
2. Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
3. Brother Brown feat. Fran'kee
4. Scott Chaleson from ulu's solo album
5. Evita Soundtrack

Five musicians you would date/hook up with if given a chance
1. Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls
2. Annette Strean of Venus Hum
3. Bjork
4. Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley
5. Chan Marshall of Cat Power